HP dual sim card

Android HP dual sim card CSL Blueberry i8800

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hp dual sim card

CSL Blueberry i8800

CSL Blueberry i8800 The development of mobile phone manufacturers in the country (Indonesia) is currently located at a best level and a good atmosphere because of the many foreigners coming Smartphone to Indonesia and make it as motivation of local producers, especially this time CSL is releasing a new mobile phone with name of CSL Blueberry i8800.

CSL Blueberry i8800

comes with support for multiple SIM cards from triple on Dual GSM and CDMA which is a feature that is commonly owned by the mobile phone made ??in the country. Similarly, the shape of the body which is owned by the phone that has a candy bar form factor common to domestic mobile phone.

In the design of this bold body of the CSL provides a QWERTY keyboard for data input methods are supported by a 262.000 color TFT screen with a size of 2.4 inch. Then doesn’t forget to also feature trackpad is also pinned on the phone with a quick response and convenient to use.

In a comparatively small body of this CSL also provides support for the main camera has a 1.3 megapixel resolution that can be used to take pictures and record video. Then doesn’t forget to support features a secondary camera is also pinned on the front of the phone with 1.3 megapixel resolution on
CSL Blueberry i8800.

Then to feature Internet connectivity that is owned by CSL Blueberry version i8800 also has features an attractive look that is the presence of GPRS and EDGE services are even supported by the Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11 b/g. This internet connectivity feature is also supported by an Opera Mini browser that has been pinned by CSL and a variety of social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Blueberry Messenger.

As for entertainment features possessed by the mobile phone is supported by the music and video player features are supported by record audio, and analog TV feature which lets you watch your favorite television shows and even the phone also has support for TV recording HP dual sim card CSL Blueberry i8800 .

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